Professional range

With Newmop you will have the best professional cleaning accessories at your fingertips.


Because ‘weight’ does matter. Our ‘Ligerina’ product range offers you the best quality in lightweight products.

Household range

Everything you need for cleaning your home. Get great results with minimum effort.

The "cleanest" cleaning.

Our products make your life easier

For more than a decade, Newmop has been producing a wide range of products for the 21st century home that make cleaning easier, and with it, our lives…

…The efficiency of Newmop products allows us to spend much more time doing what we really love to do – enjoy the time you deserve!

Since 2003

A reference in the sector.

At Newmop we are aware that, in order to continue growing and offering the most effective cleaning products, it is essential to research and innovate. Every year we launch more than 10 new products on the market that are always an undisputed benchmark in the cleaning sector.

We were the first

The first to patent and market ultra-light and absorbent microfibre mops (Ligerina)..


We were pioneers in introducing coloured microfibre.


Our products

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